Knight Mares

Once while I was sleeping in my condo in Pasig, I woke up in the middle of the night in a sweat. I was in the middle of my bed, alone in my room, alone in the dark. Why am I writing about this? Because I just remembered it and I just freaked the hell out. Well, it didn’t end out bad, though.

Scenario: I was in the middle of the forest. Medieval times. It was like I was caught in the middle of a war. I was wearing leather armor, and for some reason, I was a guy – muscles, mustache, beard, and all. Of course I knew that it was a nightmare, but I was stuck. I didn’t know how to get out of it.

The first thing I remember was running. I was cutting through the bushes and leaves with my huge-ass sword. I’m pretty sure it was as heavy as me, but I had no problem with carrying it. I was riding a beautiful black stallion, with his mane so finely brushed and he just looked majestic. As my steed galloped (whose name was Internet, for the strangest of God-knows-why), arrows whizzed by me. Arrows  were trying to hit me. People were shooting at me. And the arrows… were on fire. It was horrific. Everything behind me was on fire.

A little bit further, I saw a village… or at least it looked like a group of people living in hideous cobblestone houses. (I don’t think you can call them villages.) The arrows stopped for a moment, and I was able to command Internet to go faster, in my deep and manly voice. When I reached the stone-age houses, I searched for shelter. I got off Internet and ran for one of the houses. That’s where I met the Doctor.

The Doctor (I watch Doctor Who) was apparently the psychic-witch doctor in the town. I asked him of help, and all he said was, “Your horse is not who she seems to be.” I was confused, and I answered, “But Internet is my trusty steed. He will never betray me.” All he replied was, “Loyalty is not of the question here.” Seconds later, screams were heard outside, and I saw my enemies approaching.

As soon as I stepped out of the house, I was shot in my shoulder. I winced in pain, and fell to the ground. I looked around me: I was surrounded. Men in black balaclavas, black sweaters, and black pants. They looked like ninja-thieves. The last thing I remember was thinking, “Balaclavas look stupid,” before I slipped out of the world.

When I came to, I felt softness beneath me. Cotton softness. My body is being moved, and I can feel the ground move beneath me. I open my eyes, and I come face-to-face with a cow. I was in a farm. On a sheep. When I stood up, a man approached me, saying, “Your horse does not like being called a ‘he.'”

I woke up in a confusion. I reached for my bedside table, only to realize that it was on the other side of my bed. I had just moved in to my Pasig condo. Probably it was just that – a new bed, new house, new condo, new everything. It took me time to adjust in my new condo, but I have such friendly neighbors here in the Rochester. It really makes me feel good. Anyway, I’m digressing. Back to the story: it took me awhile to realize what the witch doctor meant. My horse was gay. And I was a Knight Mare. My subconscious is twisted like taht sometimes.


Click, click, click

It’s so quiet here in my Pasig condo.

I’m just going away on my laptop keyboard,

working on everything and anything I can.

All I hear is my space bar clicking, clicking, clicking.

The sound of plastic hitting plastic bounces off the walls.

It’s a loud and annoying noise,

yet it is so mesmerizing.

Click, click, click.

Movie Review: The Parent Trap (1998)

Flashback: late 90’s. I’m lying down on the couch, facing the television – chin on palms, feet up, and all. Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan are on the screen, 90s split screen effects applied. Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson (R.I.P.) are caught in a boat together by two 12 year olds. The Parent Trap was my childhood movie, and it will forever be my childhood movie.

Now, I’m lying down in my condo in Pasig. Once again, chin on palms, feet up, and all. This time, I’m staring at my laptop screen, watching my old VCD copy of The Parent Trap. It feels amazing to be a kid again.

Nostalgia aside, The Parent Trap is one movie that I will never get tired of. From the childish antics and Rube Goldberg devices, every single scene never makes me bored. The plot is about a pair of twins that have been separated at birth to L.A. and London because of their parents’ divorce. Eventually, they meet in a camp and decide to switch places. They eventually plan a way for their parents to meet again, but there is a large pothole in their plan: their dad is engaged to his hot blonde publicist, but he doesn’t realize it. When they meet, the girls successfully shoo away the evil gold digger, and reconcile with his ex-wife. And they all lived happily ever after.



Lindsay Lohan’s performances here as the British Annie James, and the American Hallie Parker were amazing. She pulled it off so well and even though there were times that felt like the editing was choppy, Lohan was able to show the scene as if her doppelganger was there with her. Also, accents.


Twin Magic.

Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson did spectacular performances as the twins’ parents. They made a great couple, and their chemistry with Lohan was perfect for their roles.

This photo wasn’t the only thing that split up.

Elaine Hendrix’s egotistical portrayal of the evil gold digger was also brilliant. Her selfish and arrogant portrayal made me loathe her as a kid. Lisa Ann Walter and Simon Kunz play as the nanny of the American family and the butler of the British family, respectively. They were the comedy reliefs and played it to the bone. They were especially hilarious after they met and fell in love.

Butler love.

Butler love.

Overall, The Parent Trap is rated A for Awesome. Truly my childhood movie.

I seem to feel a lot of nostalgia recently in my Pasig condo. I just can’t help it I guess. I’ve just moved into the Rochester not so long ago. I can say that it feels just like home, just without parents and add a hundred percent of freedom!


Childhood Movies

Parent Trap
I will NEVER get tired of Parent Trap.

Recounting Disneyland (and Hong Kong)

A few years back, I had my first experience in the place where dreams come true – Disneyland. Staying at the Hilton hotel in LA, we were just a few minutes from the house of Mickey Mouse. I was ecstatic at the fact that I was going to see where it all happens. Where the magic happens. I was a kid back then, of course, and I recall taking my first steps past the large gate, holding my father’s hand.

Of course, everyone else was having their Disneyland moments too, so long queues were at every ride, filled with people waiting for their turn. The only ride worth waiting for was the “It’s a Small World” boat ride. We were in line for an hour before we got to jump on a boat and ride the river around the world. The sky was already darkening, and orange painted the sky when we were on a cab ride back to the hotel.

This year, I returned to the land of the young, but in Hong Kong now. I packed my bags in my condo in Pasig knowing that I’d be a kid once more – knowing that I’d be revisiting childhood. I couldn’t sleep the night before my flight because I was so excited. As dawn approached, I left my Pasig condo without a wink of sleep.

Fast forward all the airport shenanigans, I reached my hotel room as eager as one can be. I was tired, though. I had not slept a wink the night before, so as soon as I hopped onto the soft bed of my hotel room, my body shut down and I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, it was midnight. I fell asleep during the afternoon, and I hadn’t eaten dinner yet. I found a nearby McDo and discovered, to my surprise, the distinct difference of their menu and our menu. They had pasta in broth. Anyway, I’m digressing.

After I feasted on my midnight meal, I didn’t feel like going back to bed anymore, so I explored the Hong Kong nightlife. I found a quaint little cafe and ordered myself a latte to keep me up through the night. I didn’t need it, of course, but it was still good coffee.

I went back to the hotel room soon after. I rested some more and was jolted awake when I heard the buzz of the alarm clock that I had set before I slept. I was going to Disneyland. I quickly put on new clothes and left for the subway. Can I just say: the Hong Kong subway system is soooooooo nice. It’s much better than the one we have here in the Philippines. Everything is interconnected and it’s all safer and faster. There’s even a train to Disneyland!

Disneyland train!

When I arrived at Hong Kong Disneyland, everything felt surreal. I felt like an unguided little child, stepping towards the greatest place on Earth. I felt the same feeling I felt when I stepped into the Disneyland in California. This time, however, I wasn’t holding my dad’s hand. I was alone. And you what that means: single-rider.

The lines in Hong Kong Disneyland were long as well, but the benefit of being older and more mature is that you get to go to the express lane, or the single riders’ lane. It cuts the waiting time by at least half, and it gives you a free cut for long lines. Still, rides usually have 20 minutes worth of single rider line and an hour’s worth of normal waiting time, so it’s still worth it.

Toy Story Land!

When I went there, it rained half of the time I stayed, so it was kind of a bummer. Still I had the time of my life. Everything was so colorful and it brought me such nostalgic memories that made me feel like a child again.

It was an amazing day. (I’ll save the rides for another blog.) I was not disappointed and I enjoyed every single bit of it.

Oh gods. After recounting this experience from my condo in The Rochester, I really wish I was back in Disneyland!



Disappearance at its best

It’s when you find the weakness

Even when you have less

Just in the middle of the mess

Gooooood morning

I’ve been watching movies all night long! Right now, I’m watching Jackass. It’s such a hilarious movie! Watching movies while lying down on my bed in my Pasig condo is so relaxing. I loved watching the sunrise awhile ago 🙂


It feels amazing to wake up with the sun on your face. It’s so refreshing and it just brightens my day. Haha. I’m loving my Pasig condo to bits.


Papers on papers, stacks on stacks

Underused printer on the right

A person is what this lacks

All you see is light

Other People

You know how sometimes you want something more than other people, but they’re the ones who get it anyway? Yeah. *sigh*