White Sand

Imagine paradise: beautiful white-sand beaches, long seashell-laden shores, and vast seas of crystal blue water. You take a stroll along the shore and stare endlessly at the seas. Boats sail in the background as you stare at the waves crashing on the shoreline. These dreams become reality in Boracay Island, a must-see when you travel in the Philippines. Cruising by ship or flying by plane, tourists get to choose their method of travel to the best beach in Asia and the second best beach in the entire world, according to TripAdvisor. A popular tourist’s destination for Filipinos and foreigners alike, Boracay boasts of its amazing beaches and resorts. Smaller islands strewn around the main island are popular for island hopping. Travel in the Philippines has never been better with the improvements and additions to the Boracay Island. There is no trouble in paradise when you travel in paradise.


I wrote the paragraph above about a year ago, and it makes me want to go there right now! I’m always stuck in my condo in Pasig. 😦 Ughhh


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