Disappearance at its best

It’s when you find the weakness

Even when you have less

Just in the middle of the mess


Gooooood morning

I’ve been watching movies all night long! Right now, I’m watching Jackass. It’s such a hilarious movie! Watching movies while lying down on my bed in my Pasig condo is so relaxing. I loved watching the sunrise awhile ago 🙂


It feels amazing to wake up with the sun on your face. It’s so refreshing and it just brightens my day. Haha. I’m loving my Pasig condo to bits.


Papers on papers, stacks on stacks

Underused printer on the right

A person is what this lacks

All you see is light

Other People

You know how sometimes you want something more than other people, but they’re the ones who get it anyway? Yeah. *sigh*

Boredom at its best.

Sitting in my condo in Pasig, I’m just pondering on anything and everything. Basically, I’m bored.